About us

About Us

We are your partner for creative, customized high-quality solutions.

We realize solutions in the field of sensor technology, resistance technology, joysticks and pressure sensors and are curious for new technologies and applications.

Our strength, application-related development, combining the 3 major capabilities needed for a complete sensor-system: sensor element – engineered packaging – signal transportation enables our business partners to find the optimal solutions and benefits.

At two locations, in Europe and Asia, we develop, and manufacture cost-optimized potentiometers, angles and transducers based on wire and thick-film technology. Contactless sensors for the precise measurement of angle and path are also part of our product range. The production is under Industrial, Automotive or Aerospace/ Aviation standards as required.

Key Points

  • Trained workforce, large installed capacity, our own R & D and design set up – all these make us an ideal choice for new projects by our customers.
  • A close association with our suppliers (most of them ISO 9000 certified) makes our supply chain unique and satisfies high demands on end product quality. Some very special components are imported from Europe and the USA.
  • A dealer network covering Germany, Italy, USA, China, and India caters to any customer across the globe. A technical support center in Pune city caters to any urgent need of customers.
  • Manufacturing locations in Pune & Switzerland which can meet any challenging technical requirements of customers.
  • Special logistical requirements can be met from our Singapore location.
  • Our list of products like wire wound, conductive plastic, hollow shaft, servo, linear and multi-turn potentiometers & Joysticks provide a complete solution to our customers.
  • A dedicated team of technicians and engineers is our core strength.
  • We are poised for a steady growth in both automobile and industrial sector.

We achieve this by aligning our goals with our core values

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