Applications include motion control in forklifts, wheelchairs, excavators, robotic arms, prostheses, spacecraft attitude control, wind and hydroelectric turbines, hospital beds and radiation equipment, valve position feedback, bag winder, flight simulator, throttle, aileron and rudder controls, throttle and brakes in locomotives, position feedback in automation and plastic molding machine, ink control in printing, thermal control, throttle position and fuel level sensor in automobiles, mirror position, duct vane position in HVAC, aircraft seat positioning, hydraulic cylinder and actuator positioning, measuring instruments, measurement of fuel consumption in aircraft, steering angle measurement, Position control in animated characters in movies, battery temperature measurement in Electric Vehicles (EV), Accelerator or speed pedals, throttle grips for bicycles, Governor control in stationary power plants, Manifold pressure measurement, Crane boom angle measurement, current control in welding machines, earth motion sensing.

Together with our competent worldwide partners we strive to realise these solutions with excellent cost benefit ratio.

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We distinguish ourselves by proactive engagement with a large number of customers, with applications in the industry,
automation, automotive, electric vehicle, agricultural and construction machinery, medical technology, metrology, wind and solar energy, and aerospace industries and we have a wealth of application knowledge.
With more than 20 years of experience and a broad product portfolio, Resenso is a strong and preferred partner in the European and global marketplace

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Fast & custom specific solutions